I’m pretty proud to take photos for people that are doing incredible things in Tasmania. Their passion for their work and this place is infectious.

I aim to capture the in between moments. Moments that aren’t forced, but where the emotion, energy or quiet contemplation is real. Capturing an image that makes you say ‘I can picture myself there’ is gold to me.


To me, my camera gear is a tool for good. I’m proud to work with clients who share similar values to me. Just like with consumerism – you vote with your dollars, I vote with my time, and I choose to spend my time with people who have a strong ethos to work environmentally and socially responsibly.

I choose to work with tourism operators who tread lightly on the earth, designers who put sustainability first, paddock-to-plate producers, makers who work slowly with hand-tools and manual techniques, foodies who support local growers and businesses who think globally and act locally.


Sullivans Cove Whisky
Willie Smiths Cider
Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife
Designful Studio
Goodlife Permaculture
Blue Derby Pods Ride