Richmond Christmas Tree Farm

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In 2012 we started planting trees with not much of a clue about what we were doing, but taking on all the advice we could find. It’s been trial and error, big ups and downs ever since. The first year we opened the farm gate we were so excited to sell 24 trees over 2 weekends. Now we sell out every year and greet over a thousand people at the farm gate. They come in droves to choose their real tree at the start of December, and often remark that choosing a tree marks the start of their Christmas season. That feels amazing. We’re so proud that our farm has become a tradition for lots of local families.

We’re a low-imputs and a spray-free tree farm, sequestering tons of carbon per tree along the way. We’re looking to implement more regenerative agriculture techniques over the next few years. We’re planting native habit corridors, and spend as much time as we can spotting bushland and water birds. We’re grateful to be looking after such a beautiful piece of land. You can read more about it all here.

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