The Good Life. I contributed to an awesome book!

When Hannah from Good Life Permaculture asked me to take the photos for her upcoming book, The Good Life, How to Grow a Better World, it was a no-brainer. Although creating photos that will be published on paper, and will hang around forever is quite nerve wracking. Regardless, I was chuffed!

This is what Hannah’s book is about in a nutshell:

For Hannah Moloney, a good life is one built around community, sustainability and practising radical hope.

Full of wisdom and inspiration, The Good Life is your ultimate guide to improving your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around to to create a better world.

The Good Life.

It’s an incredible book, and I particularly enjoy the philosophical back bone to it. The way Hannah talks about acting in radical hope is soul stirring. She writes:

Radical hope is a verb, and in the context of the climate emergency, describes having hope in the face of huge uncertainty and knowing that that you do to bring about positive change might not work. But you do it anyway because there’s a chance it just might.

Hannah Moloney. The Good Life.

To create the photos we got together on a rather hot day in the middle of summer when Hannah’s garden was pumping, and worked our way down Hannah’s shot list, only stopping for wardrobe changes and to pat the goats.

It’s always a complete pleasure working with Hannah, and I wish her every success with her book and beyond.

You can find it in your independent local bookshop or here.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the book.

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