Welcome to my *new* enewsletter

This week I’m sending out my first enewsletter. I’m calling it a Seasonal Letter, because my aim is for it to go out into the world in the middle of each season. This first one will be about winter, and will come out this Thursday July 15th.

In each letter there will be a brief catch up on my observations and comings and goings so far that season. And then a list (with links) of recommendation on things I’ve been reading, watching, learning, cooking, appreciating and more. And my focus will be on connecting more deeply with each season, with living a little more slowly and with each other.

It’s a trail of bread crumbs I’m leaving for you, I hope you enjoy them.

You can sign up to receive my Seasonal Letters here.

The proper definition of a [human] is an animal that writes letters.

Lewis Carroll

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