A day in self isolation

Dear reader,

Our days have become involuntarily home-based since Covid-19 came to town. Which for us was mid-March. Initially it was a mixed bag of relief and anxiety. Relief that my calendar was suddenly empty and emails slowed down, and I had a chance to take a deep breath in the middle of what is normally my busiest time of year for work. And anxiety over what the future holds… for everything. School, our businesses, social isolation, our health and the health of people around us.

We’ve embraced the reality of having to be at home. The boys are, for the most part, enjoying learning from home, we’ve tackled some garden and renovation jobs on the weekends, and I’ve started to include some more food related habits into my day. Things that I’ve wanted to have a go at, but have struggled to make time. And I’ve found that the ‘learning’ and ‘starting’ stage is definitely time consuming, but it’s so cool how easily new things can be added to our daily routine once I’ve got the hang of it.

For posterity, I’ve recorded a normal day for us during self isolation…

Any Thursday in May 2020…

7am. Roll over and snuggle in for a few minutes longer.. the mornings are getting chillier now.

7.10am. Put the billy on, and put together this mornings’ infusion. An immunity and vitamin c boost of orange peel, rose hips and ginger. I make a breakfast of oats, spiced pears from my dad’s tree and homemade yogurt.

8.17am. I feed Thelma and Louise (our sourdough cultures – they are rebels, and could throw themselves off a cliff at any minute!). Brew a pot of black tea and sugar for Kombucha and put the bottles that have been fermenting in the pantry for 3 weeks, in the fridge. They are blueberry flavour. Yum!

8.40am. Check in with the boys school work for the day… and hustle them to get started!

9.02am. Start a load of towels. Grind coffee. Brew coffee. Drink coffee in front of the laptop, where I have a broken website to mend.

9.20am. A very scattered period of setting school work, checking school work, answering random questions that are completely unrelated to school work. We take a break for elevenses and I do some website work in amongst that. 

12.30pm. Toast and orange quarters for lunch. Then I leave the orange peels to dry on the rack near the fire for future teas and infusions. We make our daily call to mum. She’s still good. I soak brown rice for tomorrow night’s dinner. Hang towels on the line.

1.30-ish. Back into the circus of school work / computer work for a while.

3.15pm. We get outside for some fresh air. I head to the front garden, thin some mizuna seedlings, water and look over everything. The newest broad-bean seedlings are starting to show themselves. It’s time to start watering them. I check the community food stand at the front gate, the herb bunches have been taken and someone has leave some quinces, so great! The boys pin-ball around the back yard for a bit, one brings in some fire wood. Then we set off to the river, boys on bikes, and me being dragged by the dog. We stretch our legs and rest our brains.

4pm-ish. We’re back at home, I light the fire and I finished up making the kombucha. I put 3 new bottles in the pantry for a second ferment for a few weeks. That rolls into making dinner (Nan’s ginger pumpkin soup, 8 minute eggs, and sourdough toast, for the non-coeliac among us).

6.30pm. The evenings are the same for us as they were pre-covid. Jared is reading Harry Potter, book 4, to the boys with different voices for each character, which the boys adore.

8pm. The boys head to bed. Jared and I wash up and catch up on the day. We watch or listen to something non-Covid-related, and then it’s book and bed time for us too.

Being isolated from family and friends is starting to get under my skin, but otherwise our days are fulfilling. And being forced into this home-based existence is making me think a lot about what life will look like for us post-Covid. It’ll be important for us to remember what felt *right* during this time, when outside social and work pressures dropped away. We’ll hang on to those, and question things that haven’t felt important. A thought to be continued…

Yours, still in lockdown

Nat xx

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