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Last updated: 11 Sept 2021

Dear book lovers!

Below is an ever growing list of things I’m reading, listening to, and watching with a very general theme of positive climate action. And further below is a growing of books that have been recommended to me by my Seasonal Letter readers.

I update it every now and then. Lettuce know here or on Instagram if you’re into something amazing, I’d LOVE to hear about it.

Yours in good reads,

Nat xx

Big Picture Thinking

BOOK / From What Is, To What If: Unleashing the Power of Imagination to Create the Future We Want. By Rob Hopkins

BOOK / Hope in the Dark, by Rebecca Solnit


PODCAST / The Food Podcast by Lindsay Cameron Wilson.

BOOK / Grown & Gathered: Traditional Living Made Modern and The Village by Matt & Lentil Purbrick.  

BOOK / One. Pot, Pan Planet: A greener way to cook for you, your family and the planet. By Anna Jones.

Climate Action

DOCO / 2040 directed by Damon Gameau.

DOCO / Climate Change: The Facts. Sir David Attenborough

PODCAST / Dumbo Feather Podcast. Specifically, Matt PurbrickDamon GameauDavid HolmgrenBob BrownSounds of the Wild.

BOOK / A Family Guide to Waste Free Living by Lauren and Oberon Carter.

PODCAST / For the Wild: An Anthology of the Anthropocene.

DOCO / Happen Films. Specifically, Life With Less WasteCreatures of PlaceThe Plummery and Hands On with Milkwood Permaculture.

DOCO / The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil


BOOK / Utopia for Realists: How We Can Build the Ideal World. By Rutger Bregman.

PODCAST / Myth, Morals and Money podcast


BOOK / Eat Wild Tasmania. By Rees Campbell.

BOOK / The Weed Forager’s Handbook: A Guide to Edible and Medicinal Weeds in Australia. By Adam Grubb & Annie Raser-Rowland 

BOOK / Wild Mushrooming: A Guide for Foragers. By Alison Pouliot & Tom May

Human History + First Nations

BOOK / Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants. By Robin Wall Kimmerer.

BOOK / Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe. An imperative read for all Australians.

BOOK / Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. By Yuval Noah Harari.

BOOK / Tasmanian Aborigines: A History Since 1803. By Lyndall Ryan.

Human Nature + Psychology + Wellness

BOOK / Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone. By Brene Brown

BOOK / Darkness is Golden: A Guide to Personal Transformation and Facing Life’s Messiness. By Mary Hoang

BOOK / Do Walk: Navigate earth, mind and body. Step by step. By Libby DeLana

BOOK / Hope in the Dark. By Rebecca Solnit.

BOOK / Human Kind: A Hopeful History. By Rutger Bregman.

BOOK / Lost Connection: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions. By Johann Hari.

PODCAST / On Being Podcast with Krista Tippett

Making + Mending

BOOK / A Tree in the House: – Flowers for your home, special occasions and every day. By Annabelle Hickson.  

BOOK / Mending Life: A Handbook for Repairing Clothes and Hearts. By Nina Montenegro & Sonya Montenegro.


NOVEL / The Overstory. By Richard Powers.

DOCO / Fantastic Fungi: The magic beneath us. Directed by Louie Schwartzberg.

Regenerative Systems + Gardening

BOOK / Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture – A New Earth. By Charles Massy

BOOK / Futuresteading: Live like tomorrow matters. By Jade Miles. 

PODCAST / Futuresteading Podcast. By Jade Miles & Catie Payne.

BOOK / The Good Life: How to Grow a Better World. By Hannah Moloney.

PODCAST / The Hungry Gardener Podcast by Fabian Capomolla.  

BOOK / Milkwood: Real Skills for Down to Earth Living. By Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar.

MAGAZINE / PIP Permaculture Magazine. By Robyn Rosenfeldt.

PODCAST / PIP Permaculture Podcast. By Robyn Rosenfeldt.

BOOK / Retrosuburbia: The Downshifter’s Guide to a Resilient Future. By David & Su Holmgren.

Simple + Frugal Living

BOOK / The Art of Frugal Hedonism: A guide to spending less while enjoying everything more. By Annie Raser-Rowland & Adam Grubb.

PODCAST / Slow Home Podcast. By Brooke and Ben McAlary.

BOOK / SLOW: Live Life Simply. By Brooke McAlary.  

Seasonal Letter Readers’ Suggestions

BOOK / The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot. By Robert Macfarlane.

BOOK / Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture. By Shannon Hayes.

BOOK / Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition. By Charles Eisenstein.

BOOK / Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World. By Tyson Yunkaporta.

BOOK / Soil: The incredible story of what keeps the earth, and us, healthy. By Matthew Evans.

BOOK / Surviving the Future: Culture, Carnival and Capital in the Aftermath of the Market Economy. By David Fleming. 

BOOK / This One Wild and Precious Life: A Hopeful Path Forward in a Fractured World. By Sarah Wilson.

BOOK / What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World. By Jon Young.

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