Climate Emergency: our response

A post I penned late 2019 and then republished due to a website rebuild…

Dear reader,

There’s often not enough characters in an Instagram caption for me to bash out a whole thought. So I’m expanding my thoughts here. And right now my thoughts are big and numerous and completely consumed with the climate emergency. Even to the detriment of my creative outlets. I’ve lost interest. It doesn’t seem to be creative block though because usually if I’m starved of a creative outlet, I’m like a boarder collie who’s been locked inside all day. All saucer-eyed and destructive. But my inner boarder collie hasn’t reared it’s ugly head yet, so I’ve come to the conclusion that all my creative energy is being soaked into questioning, problem solving and actioning everything I can to ensure we’re helping to reverse climate change, and aren’t adding to the problem.

The catch-cry about revolution always starting at the bottom is has got me throwing a fist into the air. I’m in! I’m in complete awe, and in full support for those who are going straight to the top to demand climate justice from world leaders. Go Greta! But we’re deep in the trenches on the home front. We’ve mounted a home-based attack. We’re composting, growing veg, eating way less meat, making food from scratch, mending things, buying secondhand clothes (I’m partway through a year of only buying secondhand, which has been amazingly easy!) We’re planting trees, picking up rubbish, lowering our household waste, we’re talking with our neighbours, we’re protesting locally and most importantly we’re getting out to enjoy nature as much as possible. This is our response to the climate emergency. 

We’re not doing any of it perfectly, and often it’s overwhelming, challenging and really hard to stay the course and know our small actions are making a difference when it’s easy to revert to packaged convenience food and easy to say yes to the next supermarket freebee toy, because ‘all the other kids have them’.

But there’s so much to stay positive about, and so so much to learn. We have our ears to the ground for anything permaculture, slow living, zero waste, radical homemaking and regenerative agriculture related. And I’ve just heard about Transistion Street, so that’s on my agenda to dive into next. 

There’s also so much to look forward to. We’re currently renovating our house and working on our garden. Our boys are growing up and becoming more involved in decision making and rolling up their sleeves and pitching in. And there does seem to be a general groundswell of positive conversations around the place.  

We’ll continue to build a resilient future for ourselves and the people around us, but for now I’ll end this thought here.

Yours in contemplation,

Nat xx

PS. I’ve put together a list of things we’re reading, listening to and watching, or plan to. Here’s the link

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